Saturday, January 23, 2010

Teoh Cin Yeun

Hey, this post is dedicated to u. Am a bit late in posting this but its the heart that matters right? Well, mine is not as canggih as HsinI's la so hope u dont mind.

How we met? I guess Met in Mrs Choy's class. Or was it because i was prefect XD hehe
Once upon a time, we never noticed each other back when we were much younger.
Then, there was a time I still do remember the time when we felt awkward towards each other? Msn time? Remember or not?

Anyway, then came form 5 concert. Lucky me i got Yi Wen as partner, not brother Chin Yuen. Whee! Then i guess there our "friendship" ball roll abit la hor? got ma? Ooh talking bout that, it reminds me of your fall. XD. and the video u guys made...=)

Concert pic

Afterthat, came HsinI's Bday, took picture with u la of coursee..takkan dont want take XD

And suprisingly, i did go out gai-gai with u before.

Whoever took this photo really needs to learn how 2 take a good photo.==

Teo Chin Yuen
Happy Birthday to u, Happy Birthday to u
Happy Bday to Cy, HB2u
"paiseh la, my microhp died out"
Have a nice one in UK
God Bless=)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Everything commence perfectly normal. Good to see familiar faces back in Uni, however 'some' treated me like stranger ever since the ugly truth was told. Physically, i noticed most got plum"not fat la" =) wherelse some i noticed grew muscles and gotten too thin? Wooo, i wonder who are the ones with big arms and chest X) haha!!

As for the lecturers, Accounts teacher is the outspoken among the 4 subjects. He teaches and tickles funny bones. Statistics lecturer, Shes an impatient one, always writing and getting our attention by rushing through things. Funny but this form of teaching somehow do get my. attention,
Law, taught with rules. Before the class started off, he showed us "rules" to follow. So, everytime when we make noise or use our handphones, he'll get back to that slide to ensure our eyes are on him.
Lastly, Marketing, being my fav subject among them all but the most boring subject for this semester. More jokes and juice has to be put into play la.....

Friday, went for movie session with the gang, Huici, Marcus, Gerald. Met up with Caiyi, ShinTing, James for lunch in Burger King. Sadly a few was not able to turn up. The movie selection was.....

How should i put it? Overall its entertaining, ill rate it 7/10. Avatar still rocked my life. Some asked me y? I feel the movie i guess. haha!

Guess what, Mel Gibson is back in action! He'll be acting in Edge of darkness, or did i get the wrong name =S. Doesnt matter, the trailer is cool. Do check it out

But best of all, do keep an eye for this movie. Released on Chinese New Year or i should say on Valentines Day. Stars: Jamie Foxx, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Shirley MacLaine, Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, George Lopez, Queen Latifah, as well as young teenage stars Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, and Carter Jenkins.

Finally, i forsee this semester would be a hard one afterall its the final semester for Year 1. I shall look towards glory and not fall. Im in challenges with few smarties in exam man, so i must win. If not, about 6 cups of starbucks ill have to folk out? "cost about rm60-70?" =S. Adioussss...=)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to School!

It all starts tomorrow. My last semester awaits with 4 subjects for me to handle.
Law & Marketing, both studying subjects, i guess i can take it.
Then there is Statistics and Managerial Accouting. Crap, pleaseee whichever kawan that is godlike in maths, i Pray ull be my Saviour kay. I admit maths have been a problem to me ever since add maths existed? Still thank God im able to scrap through in the end. Phew...

As for the people, i believe i wont be seeing some friends around in this coming sem. Some will be leaving to Melbourne Uni and UQ. I wish u all the best in life and take good care. This time round i guess ill be back knowing people and i do not care anymore about whatever bullsh*t gossips on me. I just like knowing people from different backgrounds. I maybe comfortable with girls at times vise versa, that doesnt mean i go for them==. Im tired of making bad decisions for now. Relationship is just complicating, or maybe its the girls thats making it so=P hahah! jkjk. Back to the topic about people, recently i found out i like to study people as in their body language, the way they present themselves, how couples interact etc. So if u have anything to share about human behaviour, kindly share with me ya

A little update to my friends overseas, churches were bombed back in Msia. It was due to the usage of word Allah in the Christian worship. Since im living near the landmark, security was tight after the incident. Pump petrol also need to bring IC and all....==. Even yesterday Sunday Mass, they had policemen guarding Good Shepherd Church. More details on the matter. Click Here!

Lastly, wish me luck for tomorrow. Hope i can get a good timetable, a good bunch of friends to fight along the way, go have fun. Night!!=)

It all started off from him and it ended along with him. What a cycle.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chinese New Year Hampers Anyone?=)

Yes! Its regarding CNY, its a month away if u havent noticed=) So if u or your family have any plans of gifts, heres an idea for u. Hampers baby. Well, this is not exactly my business, just lending my friend a hand. Well here u go this is the list of hampers to choose.

Happy Prosperity Set (rm168)
1. Red Wine
2. KLT cookies
3. KLT pandan egg roll
4.Lkee chicken floss
5.HYT oat & bran cookies
6. Prawn roll
7. Premier mushrooms

Booming New Year Set(Rm138)
1. Grape Juice
2.Prawn Roll
3. KLT egg roll
4.HYT Oat & bran cookies
5. GuiLingGao
6.Premium Candy
7.Ginseng Candy
9.Premium Mushroom

Wealth Set( RM228)*best selling
1.Red wine
2. KLT cookies
3.KLT pandan egg roll
4. Lkee Chicken Floss
5. HYT Oat& Bran cookies
6.Bird Nest
7. Premium Mushroom
8.Pu Er Tea
9.Ginseng Candy
10.Cotoneaster(apa ini? =S)
11. Dried Abalone

Note: for further enquiries, do post it in my cbox. Thanks=)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Year 2010!!

Happy 2010!!!
hahaha! i know im few days late
yet its not wrong wishing it=)

Sem break was with family most of the time. Did have friend meet ups, party, movies, gathering and shopping? X) I dont plan2 list out one by one just in case i missed out any=)

Oh! I want to talk about Avatar! To those who have not watched it. Please do so, i highly recommend u to watch it. Ill rate it 10/10. James Cameron did a fantastic job incorporating love, war, machines, peace, god, nature, etc in the movie. This show can really make one emo, i surely did ><.... if there is such a life out there, ill risk it like Jack Sully. Money problem solved=D

New year's eve celebrated up on Genting with Church friends. It was a great one. It was hell of a pack up on Genting. Imagine ants all gathering together in an island,thats the kind of situation we werre in while squeezing through our way for fireworks display. This year's fireworks wasnt that spectacular compared to last year's as the mist was thick.

Not to forget, New Year Resolution?
1. Family, Studies and Money
2. Friendships : Meet More Friends and try to keep in touch with all
3.RelationShip : Be as Lucky as WeiHan or Kiat Jin. "are they?"=P
4. Attitude
5. most importantly, self improvement " i have a saying of my own which states i need to be better to go for something better"

Anyway, to those who are of the same zodiac as me : Horse
Please note this year is not a very good year, so do take care of yourselves
and godbless=)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Creative Home Talk Show

Its pretty satisfying for these few weeks of holidays. Its much more of reflection and learning. Learn what? haha!! Let me fully master it then only ill share. or else it wont be much of an impact right? Besides mahjong sessions HsinI organised, abit of yumcha sessions and outings. heres a small juicier highlights.

19th December

It was a Creative home talk show. Speaker was Eric Leong and the special guest was Joey Yap. We got invitation for 4 but for 18 and above, so sis had to stay back. When we reach there, kids flockin around their parents..oh well. As for Eric Leong, for those who dont know who he is, he is a famous interior designer. He is fabulous la, can talk, can entertain the crowd well, and sing also!

Eric giving his talk

Special Guest, Joey Yap

The lengchai and Eric=P

Sunday, December 20, 2009

House Warming 09

This December holiday besides going to Penang with Family, the rest of the days i should say i prefer to be Mummy's boy =). At home doing cleaning, packing, help shiftin stuff blablabla for House Warming. Its been awhile since my family did some big event and so happened it was my sis's,Angeline's Bday so might as well give it all at a go, a celebration which has been long waited by some buddies of mine. Finally right? hahahaa!!

Rest of it are in Facebook. Feel free to take alook.
Ps : Buddies that ive booked for this hols, please do give me a reminder. Am afraid i would forget>< Thanksss!! Mr Hoong! Pool is a must, MeiLing u cant escape from my grasps=D